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IBM International Environmental Research Program Principal Investigators

Dr. Eric Wolanski
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Coral Reefs and Mangroves: Modelling and Management

Dr. John Seinfeld
Dr. Tony Wexler
California Institute of Technology
Computational Analysis of Urban and Regional Air Quality

Dr. Frank W. Davis
University of California, Santa Barbara
A Spatial Analysis and Decision Support System for Conservation of Biological Diversity

Dr. Richard Luthy
Carnegie Mellon University
Product Design for the Environment

Dr. Tito Ureta
Universidad de Chile
An Environmental Information and Modelling System (EIMS) for Sustainable Development

Dr. Christine A. Shoemaker
Cornell University
Optimization, Parallel Processing and Visualization for Groundwater Remediation and Associated Environmental Problems

Dr. Keith R. Thompson
Dalhousie University
Improving Numerical Circulation Models for Better Management of the Coastal Ocean

Mr. Henry Lee
Harvard University
The Press and Global Environmental Change

Professeur Jacqes C. J. Nihoul
Universite de Liege
SALMON: Sea Air Land Modelling Operational Network

Dr. John Morrison
North Carolina State University
The Role of Coupling Between the Oceans and Atmosphere in Global Climate Change

Dr. Ernest M. Agee
Dr. Robert J. Oglesby
Purdue University
Modeling the Effects of Climatic Changes on Availability and Quality of Water

Dr. Roger Noll
Stanford University
Atmospheric Emissions and the Economy

Dr. Charles Driscoll
Syracuse University
Computer Based Models of the Effects of Atmospheric Deposition on Forest and Aquatic Ecosystems

Dr. Roseanne Ford
Dr. Peter T. Cummings University of Virginia
In Situ Bioremediation: Quantification, Simulation and Design

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