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Gap analysis of the vegetation of the Intermountain Semi-Desert Ecoregion

David M. Stoms, Frank W. Davis, Ken L. Driese, Kelly M. Cassidy, and Michael P. Murray

Great Basin Naturalist 58: 199-216.

A conservation gap analysis was conducted for the Intermountain Semi-Desert ecoregion to assess the representation of land-cover types within areas managed primarily for biodiversity objectives. Mapped distributions of plant communities were summarized by land management status categories. The total amount of land permanently protected in the ecoregion is less than 4% and most types that are characteristic of the region have less than 10%. Of 48 land-cover types, 20 were found to be particularly vulnerable to potential loss or degradation, because of low level of representation in biodiversity management areas and the impact of expected land use activities. The gap analysis data and findings will be useful in providing a regional perspective in project impact assessment and future conservation planning within this ecoregion.

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