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Thematic Mapper Image Mosaic Metadata

California Gap Analysis Project

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Data Quality Information
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Data Set Identity: tm_image

Originator: California Gap Analysis
Publication_Date: 19980630
Title: Thematic Mapper Mosaic of California
Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: remote-sensing image
Publication_Place: Santa Barbara, California
Publisher: Biogeography Lab, University of California, Santa Barbara
Online_Linkage: <http://www.biogeog.ucsb.edu/projects/gap/gap_data.html>


Mosaic of Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) images covering the state of California, resampled to 100 m pixels. A composite of bands 3 (red), 4, near-infrared, and 5 (mid-infrared).

Supplemental Information: n/a

Data Set Status: in use

West Bounding Coordinate (degrees longitude): -124.5048
East Bounding Coordinate (degrees longitude): -114.2648
North Bounding Coordinate (degrees latitude): 41.9886
South Bounding Coordinate (degrees latitude): 32.4234

Theme Keyword: n/a

Browse Graphic File Name: : calif_tm.gif

Browse Graphic File Description: Low resolution view of statewide mosaic image shown with band 4 in red, band 5 in green, and band 3 in blue.

Browse Graphic File Type: GIF

Use Restrictions:

Because this image has been degraded by resampling from the original 30 m imagery, it is not suitable for quantitative image analysis or classification.

Access Limitations:

The processing (projection, resampling) has modified the copyrighted image data such that this product can be freely distributed to others.

Native Data Set Environment:

Image Processing Workbench software running on IBM RS6000 with AIX 3.2.5

Raster File Format: IPW
Raster File Sensor: Landsat TM
Vector File Format: n/a
Nonspatial File Format: n/a


Attribute Accuracy: n/a

Attribute Accuracy Explanation: n/a

Logical Consistency Report: n/a

Completeness Report:

Coverage provided for the entire state of California except for the tip of the Palos Verdes peninsula in Los Angeles County and islands off the coast.

Horizontal Positional Accuracy: unknown
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Explanation: n/a
Vertical Positional Accuracy: n/a
Vertical Positional Accuracy Explanation: n/a

Source Information: Landsat TM

Source Date:

Path & Row Scene Date Scene Location
38/36 xx/xx/89 Lake Havasu
38/37 05/25/1990 Yuma
39/35 06/30/1989 Las Vegas
39/36 06/xx/91 Needles
39/37 05/19/1991 Salton Sea
40/35 05/26/1991 Death Valley
40/36 08/27/1990 San Bernardino
40/37 08/27/1990 Santa Ana
41/34 07/30/1989 Goldfield
41/35 09/03/1990 Fresno
41/36 09/03/1990 Los Angeles
42/33 07/05/1989 Virginia City
42/34 08/25/1990 Yosemite
42/35 08/25/1990 Corcoran
42/36 09/16/1986 Santa Barbara
43/32 07/28/1989 Susanville
43/33 08/16/1990 Tahoe
43/34 08/16/1990 San Jose
43/35 08/16/1990 Monterey
44/31 06/20/1990 Modoc
44/32 06/20/1990 Lassen
44/33 06/20/1990 Sacramento
44/34 06/20/1990 Oakland
45/31 06/27/1990 Yreka
45/32 06/27/1990 Trinity
45/33 06/27/1990 Ukiah
46/31 05/01/1990 Crescent City
46/32 05/01/1990 Eureka

Source Distance Resolution (meters): 25 or 30 (depending upon scene)

Process Description:

Most images were terrain corrected by EROS Data Center and obtained in UTM projection. All images were projected at UCSB into Albers Equal Area using a nearest neighbor sampling with a 100m pixel size. Images were mosaicked together by using what was subjectively determined to be the "best" image for areas of overlap between scenes. This was accomplished by the precedence order of the images in the ARC GRID MERGE command.


Native Data Structure: spatial raster
Raster File Row (Line) Count: 14,438
Raster File Column (Sample) Count: 18,002
Raster File Vertical (Band) Count: 3
Raster File Number of Bytes per Pixel: 8


Geographic Coordinate Units: Degrees, minutes and decimal seconds

Map Projection Name: Albers Conical Equal Area

Map Projection Description:

Projection ALBERS
Spheroid CLARKE1866

Distance Resolution (meters): 50

Altitude Resolution (meters): n/a


Attribute Label: n/a

Attribute Definition Source: n/a

Entity and Attribute Detail Citation: n/a



Dr. Frank Davis
Department of Geography
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

phone: 805-893-3438
fax: 805-893-3146
e-mail: fd@geog.ucsb.edu
ftp address: ftp://ftp.biogeog.ucsb.edu/pub/org/biogeog/data/gap_analysis
URL: http://www.biogeog.ucsb.edu/projects/gap/gap_data.html

Distribution Liability:

The University of California assumes no responsibility for application of the data beyond their original intent.

Standard Order Process:

Data are available through anonymous ftp and the World Wide Web at the ftp address and URL address listed under Distributor.

File Decompression Technique:

Image file was compressed with tar, then compressed with gzip.

Transfer Size: stored by region or 100k quadrangle, file size varies

The statewide mosaic is stored in six files:

calif.tar.gz.020.0 Mb
calif.tar.gz.120.0 Mb
calif.tar.gz.220.0 Mb
calif.tar.gz.320.0 Mb
calif.tar.gz.420.0 Mb
calif.tar.gz.520.0 Mb
calif.tar.gz.610.0 Mb

The regional mosaics are:

Cascades Rangescaseco.tar.gz7.8 Mb
Central Westerncweco.tar.gz14.6 Mb
East of the Sierra Nevadaesneco.tar.gz6.5 Mb
Great Central Valleygveco.tar.gz22.1 Mb
Modoc Plateaumodeco.tar.gz8.7 Mb
Mojave Desertmojeco.tar.gz24.8 Mb
Northwesternnweco.tar.gz16.4 Mb
Sierra Nevadasneco.tar.gz43.6 Mb
Sonorna Desertsoneco.tar.gz10.8 Mb
Southwesternsweco.tar.gz12.3 Mb


Metadata Date: 07/09/98
Metadata Standard Name: Metadata Standards for Gap Analysis
Metadata Standard Name: 09/05/94
Metadata Review Date: 12/09/96
Metadata Contact:

Dr. David Stoms
Department of Geography
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

phone: 805-893-7655
fax: 805-893-3146
e-mail: stoms@geog.ucsb.edu


Contact Person Primary: Michael Bueno

Contact Mail Address:

Department of Geography
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

Contact Voice Telephone: (805) 893-7044
Contact Facsimile Telephone: (805) 893-3146
Contact Electronic Mail Address: bueno@geog.ucsb.edu