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California Gap Analysis Project: CD-ROM Information

The California Gap Analysis Project is publishing a CD-ROM to provide you with a handy way to obtain the entire GIS database, final report, and an interactive atlas of California's biodiversity. The interactive atlas allows you to explore maps of the distribution of California's wildlife and major plant species, plant communities, and wildlife habitats, and their relationship to land ownership patterns and designated areas managed for biodiversity conservation. It also contains the CA-GAP report, descriptions of 221 plant communities and land use types, and a user guide.

System requirements are:

  • A personal computer with at least an 80386 (386) or higher compatible microprocessor and a hard disk
  • At least 8 Mb of RAM and 12 Mb swap space (permanent or temporary virtual memory)
  • Windows version 3.x (also runs under Windows 95/98 and Wndows NT 4.0)
  • Display 640 x 480 (or higher) resolution Video Graphics Adapter (VGA)
  • A Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device


Interactive CD-ROM version of CA-GAP database is out of stock. Download the CD file (.tar.gz format) HERE and burn your own CD (10/15/03)


A few users have experienced difficulty getting the CD-ROM installed or operating properly.  We are maintaining a web page with problem descriptions and solutions as these arise.

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