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California Gap Analysis Project Home Page

GAP LogoCA-GAP Logo The California Gap Analysis Project, conducted by the Biogeography Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara and coordinated through the USGS-Biological Resources Division, is in the final stages. Over the next few months, we will be completing an interactive CD-ROM that will allow users to explore the database. This revised edition of the California Gap Analysis home page provides several new features. You can read a hypertext version of the final report or download the spatial data. A 'What's New' section has been added to keep you posted of updates or revisions to the information on this web site. We hope you find the report and data useful and informative.

Project Overview
Final ReportAugust 5, 1998
GIS DataMay 6, 2002
Interactive CD-ROM informationApril 26, 2000 
What's New?Revised February 16, 1999




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